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Who Is Architect Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the prominent CEO of the American Institute of Architects. There are several designers, artists, and architects that have taken the opportunity to be a part of the AIA artistry membership. They invite their artist to tell their story to others in the art community at the AIA. Together, they have been able

How Luiz Carlos Trabuco Has Shaped His Career In The Banking Sector

It is factual that organizational leadership is a dominant dual force focused on the managerial approach that works in unison for individuals in a group. Moreover, corporate strategy is also an approach and work ethic made to empower an individual in any of the roles in a company. While looking at every aspect of organizational

Expanding Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Are Taking Dubai by Storm

There is a company in Dubai, who is at the top of the list since 2002, when it comes to luxury development in the Middle East. If you are a contractor, designer, or even an architect looking to make sure every detail is flawless when it comes to the vision of your project, investing in

Joel Friant: Creating a Condiment Business

Joel Friant is an American businessman and entrepreneur, who is credited as the creator of the original Habanero Shakers, a spicy condiment used in cooking. He is also an agriculturist who likes to plant his own crops, and one of his best products are the habanero peppers. Being an expert in planting habaneros, Joel Friant

The Oxford Club and Enhanced Wealth

Adam Sharp is a respected figure in the world of altcoins. That’s the reason so many people all around the planet turn to him for in-depth advice and wisdom. He has a company of his own, too. It’s called Early Investing and he’s its dedicated co-founder. Sharp understands alternative cryptocurrency options like an expert. He

A Few Things About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an influential Brazilian businessman, sociologist, and a notable corporate leader. Born in Marilia on October 6, 1951, Trabuco is currently the President of Bradesco, a company that prides itself as the best banking institution in Brazil. Trabuco became the company’s President in 2009 after the then president, Marcio Cyriono, retired.