The Inspirational Life of George Soros

If there is one thing that George Soros is not afraid of is expressing his ideas. This has propelled him to speak for the oppressed people in the society and the groups that have been marginalized for being different. He supports same-sex marriage, he speaks against the discrimination of drug users and the marginalization of sex workers. As for George Soros, his philanthropic efforts can be felt across the globe. He has supported democracies in many nations such as Burma, Kenya, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, South Africa and Ukraine. In the past, he has asked the European Union to impose sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine. He has also pleaded with the International Monetary Finds on behalf of Ukraine about lending the country some development funds. Soros believed that if Ukraine was to receive funding from IMF, the country would stand a chance to attract foreign investors into the country. In all these endeavors, he has succeeded in some. Soros has written numerous articles related to politics, economy and world policies and these writings have been referenced by many scholars. A recent article revealed that since Soros started making donations, he has used over $12 billion of his money. Learn more about his profile at

Through the Open Society Foundation, George Soros has managed to change several things in the society. Among the places that he has recorded significant success include promoting equality and justice, advocating for accountable governments and freedom of expression. As for the United States, George Soros is currently involved in transforming three areas that include criminal justice reform and religious tolerance. He has also committed his resources to realizing immigration reforms in the United States of America. Despite being born in a Nazi-occupied Budapest, George Soros managed to immigrate to London where he took odd jobs to survive. For instance, Soros says that he once worked as a tout and as a waiter in London. Later on, he would join the prestigious London School of Economics where he would excel in the field of finance.

He lived in the United Kingdom for a decade as he decided to try his luck in the US in the year 1956. Due to his skills in finance, George Soros did not struggle to find a job at Wall Street. He worked in these companies until 1970 when he founded the Soros Fund hedge fund. This is a venture that proved to be successful earning him billions of money. He started with money from venture capitalists, and he did not disappoint. Among the companies that gave him financial experience include F.M. Mayer, Wertheim and Co as well as Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. Other institutions that Soros worked for include Singer and Friedlander and the Soros Fund Management. Despite being 86 years, Soros is still active in his businesses. Read more on

How Success Academy is Improving College Admissions

College admission is a huge concern for the majority of American families. With the ever-increasing rise of college tuition prices combined with an increased competitiveness in American universities, it is no wonder that parents are uneasy about their child’s ability to gain admission into a reputable college or university. On average, college admission preparation and processes consume more than half of a student’s time during their senior year in high school. This large percentage of time is usually required because of a lack of preparation for college admission during a child’s formative years. Thankfully, new charter schools like Success Academy in New York are working to correct this lack of early preparation and ensure that students gain an advantage during college admissions.


Success Academy was founded in the fall of 2006 with the purpose of providing unique and engaging educational experiences for children of all ages. Success Academy is a completely free and public charter school that educates New York students from kindergarten to 12th grade. Both special needs students and students studying English as a second language are welcome to be educated in this charter school program and students are admitted to the program through a random selection held in April. This charter school has become widely known for its ability to prepare students for the college process and curriculum.


Success Academy prepares students for the college admission process primarily through a series of rigorous and college based courses and academic activities. After students successfully complete both the elementary and middle school levels of these prep courses, Success Academy implements a series of courses designed to help students get into (and successfully graduate from) a four-year university program. High School students at Success Academy are encouraged to become involved in STEM programs and honors curriculum activities to foster their love for learning and assist in the transition from high school to college course work. The school’s college access and persistence counselors also work on a daily basis to provide unique opportunities for students to become knowledgable about the college intake process. Following a visit to the school by leaders from well regarded New York universities, students at Success Academy are encouraged to complete college applications.

The Life And Philanthropy Of Entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a highly successful businessman who lives in the United Arab Emirates. While a native of the UAE, he attended the University of Washington and earned two bachelor’s degrees, one in industrial engineering and the other in economics. After returning to the UAE, he joined GASCO as a Contracts Manager.

Within a year he left this organization in order to found his own company which eventually became known as DAMAC Group. Hussain Sajwani is both the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of his company which has operations in several industries including food catering, luxury real estate development, hospitality services, and investing. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

Under Hussain Sajwani’s leadership, DAMAC Group started out as a food catering company. He rapidly expanded the company out of the UAE and his company provides services today in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Northern Africa. DAMAC Group was one of the main suppliers of food to the US troops that served during Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990’s.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani entered the luxury real estate development industry in 2002. They have built several developments that feature very high-end villas and apartments which are marketed to foreigners who do business in the UAE.

These developments are very large with well over a $1 billion in real estate value. A recent one that was completed by DAMAC Properties outside of the capital city of Dubai has an 18 hole golf course that is managed by the Trump Organization and is named after Donald Trump. In addition to homes, this development also has space for luxury stores including Versace and Fendi.

Hussain Sajwani family members live with him in Dubai which consists of his wife and four children. He is also an active philanthropist that has given to many charitable causes and organizations.

Among these is the initiative that was launched by the Ruler of Dubai in order to provide support to disadvantaged children around the globe that are lacking in clothing. Hussain Sajwani wrote a check for AED two million which was enough money to provide clothing for over 50,000 children.

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Todd Lubar – President at TDL Global Ventures

Todd Lubar is the CEO and President of the TDL Venture Capital Company based in the United States. For the company, they are always happy to become part of the credit solution to the problems facing their client corporations and individuals in the United States. When Todd Lubar developed the company, it was sophisticated to become an international entity. For this reason, its businesses and solutions are paralleled in a manner that is not enticed in this industry. For those who are willing to activate better business solutions, their innovation entity is always running through achieved medical solutions. Todd Lubar is also considered as a world-class business agent who has accepted the great deals that run through capacitated business solutions. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

For over two decades of professional experience in the industry, Todd Lubar is considered as one of the most innovative business leaders in the United States. Todd Lubar commenced his experience by working at a local company as a real estate agent. During that time, he used his skills to identify the most prominent real estate developer who was yearning to invest more money in the real estate world. For this reason, the company started growing to become a stable environment where business is not always achieved through capacitated stability management issues. If you are willing to activate your business solutions, be sure to seek more advice from Todd Lubar as a respected entity in the world of finance and business.

Todd Lubar is ranked as one of the best real estate venture capitalists in the United States. For those who are willing to attain the best solutions in the industry, they are geared towards developing high-end solutions to the business solutions. Real estate ventures never cease to amaze those who have a stake in the world of business. In this case, Todd Lubar has gained a market advantage as the best source of capital during the harsh economic crisis. During that time, banks and limited companies limit their functionality to issue minimal loans to the applicants. For this reason, the TDL Venture Companies work to create a hedge between your problem and solution. More details can be found on LinkedIn.


Business Achievements Of Tony Petrello

Mr Anthony G. Petrello has been an integral part of the company of Nabors for a few years. He occupies the positions of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board. He is better known by his nickname, Tony.

Mr Tony Petrello became a part of the company of Nabors in the middle of 1991. He used to be a member of both the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board. In 2003, Mr Anthony G. Petrello was offered to be promoted to the post of Deputy Chairman which he accepted. After that, Mr Tony Petrello received a promotion one more time. He became the as President and CEO. He worked only at those two positions up until the middle of October of 2011. After that, in 2012 he was promoted again in June. Since then, Mr. Tony Petrello has been occupying his current positions as the Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer.


One of the most prominent skills of Mr Tony Petrello is his ability to create a skillful strategy that will ensure high revenue and success for the company of Nabors. The large corporation has been expanding and growing its revenue since 2012 when Mr Tony Petrello was appointed to his three positions at the company.

Mr Tony Petrello used to study at the Yale University. He graduated both with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. His major was mathematics. After that, he went to Harvard University and studied law.

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Kate Hudson’s Tremendous Work At Adam Goldenberg’s Company Fabletics

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg built a company that’s made online fashion shopping exciting and relatively cheap while still maintaining good quality. But one very important person they’ve had helping their subsidiary company, Fabletics is Hollywood celebrity Kate Hudson. Hudson is well-known to be seen in athletic wear when she’s not on the set, and she took a keen interest in Goldenberg and Ressler’s company because of its unique customer-driven model, and Fabletics’s low costs. Hudson has a high business acumen of her own and when the company came under criticism for some weaknesses in its VIP program, Hudson helped them take the steps to improve communication and make various features in the program optional on Twitter. Users have flooded to Fabletics whenever they have seen Hudson sporting new apparel.

Adam Goldenberg certainly knows the right people to consult when he has a business idea floating around, but it didn’t start in the fashion industry. It started back when he built his first company, Gamer’s Alliance while he was still only in high school. Goldenberg’s company was noticed by Intermix Media, a digital marketing company that later entered the social media world when they founded MySpace. Goldenberg was hired to come work for Intermix Media and in only two years he became the company’s Chief Operating Officer. He also started building subsidiary companies with his friend Don Ressler who had also come to Intermix Media after founding

Read more: Vator Splash Oakland – What’s it like to be a Unicorn? Adam Goldenberg (CEO, JustFab)

In 2005 Intermix Media was sold to News Corp, and Goldenberg and Ressler had hoped the company they built, Alena Media would impress the new owners and become even bigger. Sadly, it didn’t and soon Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave the company. They started a company called Intelligent Beauty and formed several product brands that they sold under it. But they pushed for an even bigger idea to enter the fashion industry in 2010, and that’s when JustFab was started according to

JustFab started out as an online-only fashion store, but within a few years and after receiving over $285 million in venture capital Goldenberg and Ressler decided it was time to open brick and mortar local stores at In addition, they also started Fabletics, FL2, FabKids and even bought out ShoeDazzle to add to their portfolio. Goldenberg and Ressler especially became interested in data analytics and how they could use that to improve shopping experience tailored to customer tastes, and soon they had built an elaborate system doing just that. It even prompted them to change the name of the company to TechStyle Fashion Group.