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Krishen Iyer Helps Insurance Agents Build Their Client Base

Krishen Iyer, a resident of Carlsbad, California, is a business owner in the insurance industry. He started a company, Managed Benefit Services, through which he offers insurance agents high-quality leads, marketing services, and consulting services. He started this company in 2016 and originally named it Quick Link Marketing. He changed the name to better reflect

Todd Levine Prolific Skills in the Law Industry

Todd Levine is a prominent commercial litigation attorney. He has handled approximately all sorts of complex business disputes. This has earned him incredible experience and broad skills. Todd has a great focus on commercial real estate litigation. He usually represents individuals in real estate departments such as developers, real estate brokers, buyers and sellers, lending

Aloha Construction on Giving Back to the Community

Aloha Construction is a company based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The CEO of the company Dave Farbaky has been successful in running the company for close to a decade now. Aloha Construction has been successful to complete almost 18,000 projects and in 2017it received the BBB Torch Award for Ethics, which is given to companies

Ann Scango: Texas Recognizes Her Art And So Should The World

Being an artist, you have to find what works for you. Ann Scango knows that art is everywhere in the world. And because of her observation, Scango takes twigs, polyurethane foam, and mulch to create beautiful sculptures. As an artist, Ann Scango has been recognized in Texas for creating 3-D art.   While in her

The Accomplished CIO of the American Institute of Architects

     Robert Ivy is the EVP and Chief Executive Officer of American Institute of Architects and has been since 2011. The American Institute of Architects, better known as the AIA, is the largest professional membership organization for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and others in similar roles. Its Washington DC headquarters has a $56 million annual

Reshaping The World Of Architects With AIA

     Architects play an important role of ensuring that buildings meet the safety standards of construction. Often, architects set these standards by ensuring that the resources and materials used to construct the building are of high quality. Behind the brainy architects in America is an organization that has often ensured that professionalism is upheld to

Breaking Gang Violence in Jail with Securus Technologies

I am head of of team of corrections officers at the local prison, and this is a facility where we have a higher concentration of gang members than any other location. Besides keeping the gangs separated in the jail, we have to work proactively to ensure the safety of everyone from officers, visitors, to other