Business Achievements Of Tony Petrello

Mr Anthony G. Petrello has been an integral part of the company of Nabors for a few years. He occupies the positions of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board. He is better known by his nickname, Tony.

Mr Tony Petrello became a part of the company of Nabors in the middle of 1991. He used to be a member of both the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board. In 2003, Mr Anthony G. Petrello was offered to be promoted to the post of Deputy Chairman which he accepted. After that, Mr Tony Petrello received a promotion one more time. He became the as President and CEO. He worked only at those two positions up until the middle of October of 2011. After that, in 2012 he was promoted again in June. Since then, Mr. Tony Petrello has been occupying his current positions as the Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer.


One of the most prominent skills of Mr Tony Petrello is his ability to create a skillful strategy that will ensure high revenue and success for the company of Nabors. The large corporation has been expanding and growing its revenue since 2012 when Mr Tony Petrello was appointed to his three positions at the company.

Mr Tony Petrello used to study at the Yale University. He graduated both with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. His major was mathematics. After that, he went to Harvard University and studied law.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Rise From Humble Beginnings To Gracing The International Level Of Success

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and chief executive officer of the QI Group, an Asian based corporation. Eswaran is an alumnus of the London School of Economics and received his degree in socio-economic in 1984. He set out to find work by performing different jobs in various industries. He used to work for a cab firm in London, a wine enterprise in France and a construction company in Belgium. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

During the shift between industries, Vijay gained an interest to understand the intricacies of using a binary system for marketing. He went back to school to acquire a CIMA and later enrolled at Southern Illinois University for an MBA. After working for Synaptics in its marketing branch, Vijay relocated back to his home country, Asia, to become an entrepreneur.

Eswaran’s first firm was QNET, currently known as the QI Group which majored in the direct sales and e-commerce of metals to the Olympics. Using the internet, QNET managed to beat its predecessors and rank number 45 among international competitors.

Presently the firm deals businesses in education, leisure, lifestyle, real estate, logistics, training, luxury, treasures, and telecommunication and operates in 30 countries around the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Vijay Eswaran is a self-made millionaire who climbed his way from a humble cradle. He believes in teamwork and corporation and carefully recruits employees who share the same ideologies. With the support of his loyal and daring team, the QI Group has managed to break barriers in direct sales on an international level.

Apart from entrepreneurship, Vijay is a serial motivational speaker and renowned author. He has delivered lectures on intuitive business to students in leading international universities, the Commonwealth Forum and the World Economic Forum. He is the author of ‘In the Sphere of Silence,’ ‘In The Thinking Zone,’ ’18 Stepping Stones’ and ‘On The Wings of Thought.’

Vijay Eswaran supports various philanthropic efforts around the world and owns two humanitarian organizations. In 2011, Forbes Heros of Philanthropy listed Vijay among the top contributors in the world. He stated that receiving awards and recognitions from various platforms has motivated him to continue impacting lives positively.

EOS Success Through Being Different

EOS did not get to the top of the lip balm game by doing the same old thing as everyone else. They accomplished this goal by being different. It’s not a radical new marketing technique, but it was definitely a success. The lip balm company managed to take a product that nobody could have given a second thought about and make it the number one person hygiene product today.

The Shape:

The shape of lip balms has had some changes over the years. Kids have had lip balm in cool shapes for years, but adults really never had. That was the first step that EOS lip balm took. They changed the shape of lip balm.

The Scent:

The scent of a shape can be important too. EOS knew this when they started out as the face of lip balm today. They purposefully picked a set of scents that attract buyers to the lip balm. It’s pure marketing genius. Vanilla and other baking scents make buyers feel safe and not even know why. The idea is simple: people associate basic scents with home and safety. They can add a fruit scent or anything else, but vanilla is the basic scent that makes EOS great.

The Packaging:

The packaging is important as well. People buy things because they like the way they look. Colors and designs bring the buyers in. They attract the buyer by making the product look great. EOS is famous for this one. They created a whole advertising campaign on Facebook centered around making the EOS product look cool. Celebrities were paid money to use the product in their music videos and endorsements just to accomplish this goal.

All of these techniques are highly effective in bringing buyers in. It has been the success that EOS has had and it was accomplished by simply being different than all of the others.

End Citizens United and its Mission to Sanitize the American’s Election

The ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010 completely changed the election landscape in the American history. According to the Supreme Court judges, corporate are people. This ruling has opened up a number of complications including accountability and transparency issues with lots of untraceable money entering America’s election. This, however, is bound to change thanks to organizations such as End Citizens United.


Founded on 1st March 2015, End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee financed by the American people. This organization is cut out to counter the corruption that infested American election finance system by battling big money in politics and additionally electing campaign finance champions who will help pass the state ballot measures.


Well for some this may look like a far-fetched dream, however, if the recent reports are anything to go by the future is bright for the Americans. According to USATODAY’s publications, End Citizen United is doing a tremendous work in driving out the big chunks of money out of politics. For the past quarter of the year, the organization has so far raised more than $4 million and projects to raise over $35 million before the 2018 Congress elections. Compared to last year financial statistics, this will be an increase from the $25 million the organization raised for the 2016 elections.


According to Tiffany Muller, the PAC’s President and Executive Director, the average contribution to the group this year is $12. The group’s maximum donation from an individual donor is pegged at $5,000. This is in an effort to say and act on their commitment to driving out the huge amounts of money flooding the American politics.


This doesn’t stop here, upon collecting enough money, PAC channels its resources by collaborating with other organization and individuals to help promote its ideologies. One such individual is Democrat Jon Ossoff, a first-time political candidate in Georgia. Thanks to the organization and its supporters, Ossoff 30 years of age has amazed most people by raising the more than $4 million to fill in the Republican House seat in suburban Atlanta that felt vacant after the appointment of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.


Even with the appreciation that unlimited money is bad money for the political environment, End Citizen United’s quest does not stop at merely controlling the amounts of money used in politics but also influencing the policies behind it through supporting like-minded candidates. Though the group is yet to decide on the course to take come 2018, the chances are that it will play a role in defending Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana and continue spreading its message about the influence of money in politics.


Hospital Copa Star: Introduces A New Concept

Elegance and sophistication do not begin to define the new hospital in Rio de Janeiro. Hospital Copa Star has combined modern technology with the state-of-the-art equipment in perfect harmony. The hospital, a project of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, has introduced a new concept in the world of medicine.

It has unique and exquisite designs and luxurious interiors that will guarantee the patients a comfortable stay.

The design

Copa Star resembles a luxurious five-star hotel. The concept used is consistent with all the Rede D’Or hospitals. The hospital seats on a 21,000 square meters and is a seven-storey building. It took three years the hospital to be constructed to completion.

At the reception, there is a grand piano and amazing artwork from the Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota. The hospital has incorporated the natural lighting system by including a glass ceiling. The natural light illuminates the entire hospital bringing to light all the 200 art pieces created by Yutaka.

There is also a restaurant near the hospital that displays all the world class cuisines. The patients’ visitors are well-taken care off when they visit the hospital.


Copa Star has reigned supreme with the modern technology that they have used. They have included neurosurgery rooms that are equipped with modern equipment. Copa Star is among the hospitals making use of the robotic medicine. They have well equipped operating rooms and the hybrid rooms.

Copa Star is making proper use of the iPad devices. All the patient suites contained iPads that come installed with an app unique to the hospital. The iPads contain the information of the patient using the room.

The patients can use the devices to control the functions of the room including adjusting the lighting, opening and closing the curtains. They can also communicate with their doctors if they have a problem. The doctors also use the iPads to send the radiology results to the patient.

The Intensive Care Units are uniquely designed to reduce the boredom that the patients experience. The rooms are fitted with big screens that display images from the camera installed on top of the buildings. Visit their profile page on Facebook


Copa Star has employed experienced and qualified staff members who have a vast knowledge of medicine. The nurses are registered, and they go through two-month training. The training equips them with information and skills on how to deal with all kinds of patients. They are also taught how to handle different situations professionally.

Even though the hospital provides treatment for various types of illness, their goal is to be the best hospital in cardiology and neurosurgery.

Rede D’Or are planning to open more luxurious hospitals in different locations in the State of Brazil. Read more,conceito-em-atendimento-de-luxo-do-copa-star-pretende-ser-levado-para-outras-capitais-do-brasil,10000094046

Kate Hudson’s Tremendous Work At Adam Goldenberg’s Company Fabletics

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg built a company that’s made online fashion shopping exciting and relatively cheap while still maintaining good quality. But one very important person they’ve had helping their subsidiary company, Fabletics is Hollywood celebrity Kate Hudson. Hudson is well-known to be seen in athletic wear when she’s not on the set, and she took a keen interest in Goldenberg and Ressler’s company because of its unique customer-driven model, and Fabletics’s low costs. Hudson has a high business acumen of her own and when the company came under criticism for some weaknesses in its VIP program, Hudson helped them take the steps to improve communication and make various features in the program optional on Twitter. Users have flooded to Fabletics whenever they have seen Hudson sporting new apparel.

Adam Goldenberg certainly knows the right people to consult when he has a business idea floating around, but it didn’t start in the fashion industry. It started back when he built his first company, Gamer’s Alliance while he was still only in high school. Goldenberg’s company was noticed by Intermix Media, a digital marketing company that later entered the social media world when they founded MySpace. Goldenberg was hired to come work for Intermix Media and in only two years he became the company’s Chief Operating Officer. He also started building subsidiary companies with his friend Don Ressler who had also come to Intermix Media after founding

Read more: Vator Splash Oakland – What’s it like to be a Unicorn? Adam Goldenberg (CEO, JustFab)

In 2005 Intermix Media was sold to News Corp, and Goldenberg and Ressler had hoped the company they built, Alena Media would impress the new owners and become even bigger. Sadly, it didn’t and soon Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave the company. They started a company called Intelligent Beauty and formed several product brands that they sold under it. But they pushed for an even bigger idea to enter the fashion industry in 2010, and that’s when JustFab was started according to

JustFab started out as an online-only fashion store, but within a few years and after receiving over $285 million in venture capital Goldenberg and Ressler decided it was time to open brick and mortar local stores at In addition, they also started Fabletics, FL2, FabKids and even bought out ShoeDazzle to add to their portfolio. Goldenberg and Ressler especially became interested in data analytics and how they could use that to improve shopping experience tailored to customer tastes, and soon they had built an elaborate system doing just that. It even prompted them to change the name of the company to TechStyle Fashion Group.

Omar Boraie’s Real Estate Development Ventures

In the recent years, the global economy has been growing fast, and this has led to a high demand for luxurious commodities. People also need comfortable homes and apartments, and therefore, many developers have seen a potential opportunity. They have invested billions of dollars in real estate business in the United States. Companies and individuals who are involved in the development industry have focused on establishing new projects and renovating buildings that already existed. Developers have gone as far as setting up highly luxurious properties that are sold through invitations only. Omar Boraie in a renowned businessman who owns a company that is known as Boraie Development. He currently lives in New Brunswick and has played a significant role in bettering the condition of the city.

Omar studied in Europe, and he was able to experience the positive transformation that can be caused by real estate development in an area. He experienced how the economies of various areas in the continent were growing due to the excellent housing that was being set up for the communities. Boraie is the current vice president of his firm, and he has a diverse knowledge of the sector. He was born in Egypt and has visited various parts of the globe. As a real estate developer, Omar is skilled on the modernizations of buildings, construction of luxurious properties, and community halls across New Brunswick. According to NJ, many people in the sector did not believe in his venture since he was a chemistry expert, and the area that he wanted to develop was barren land. Boraie has been working closely with the professionals who serve his company, and they have completed several elegant buildings in the area.

The main constructions projects that Omar’s company has developed include Rector Street, Albany Street Plaza, and The Aspire. The firm has been successful in bettering the landscape of the city. It has also improved the community that is based in the area. He believes that the first step towards developing a region is ensuring that the people live well.

Boraie has also dedicated himself to supporting the people of his city by participating in various charity undertakings. The Board of Trustees for the State Theatre New Jersey has been benefiting from his contributions. He has been assisting in organizing many events for the foundation. Omar is also part of the advisory board of a charity organization that is known as Elijah’s Promise. The primary role of the institution is to make sure that communities have access to enough food.

Omar Boraie has been playing an important part in the battle against cancer. He is a trained scientist and takes part in various research undertakings. The entrepreneur also offers donations to support institutions that have a goal of curing cancer by modifying genomes. Genomic Science at Rutgers appointed him to serve as its chairperson, The foundation also aims at finding medicine for cancer. Omar holds Ph.D. in chemistry. The work that he has done at New Brunswick will be significant to many generations.

Adam Milstein The Philanthropist Jew

Adam is an investor and the co-founder of the following companies and or organization:

Hager Pacific Properties

  1. Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation that was founded by him and his wife
  2. The Israeli-American Council

He is Israeli by birth and has many interests which have seen him sit on several boards across the country in his endeavor as a philanthropist who seeks to unite Americans and the Israeli communities home and abroad by doing his best to make the two align together.

The History of Milstein

Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel and has been around some even going to Argentina and taking part in the Independence War. He was also involved in the Yom Kippur War during his mandatory service for the country.

Alma Mater

He went to the Technion where he graduated with a degree as a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. He then went on to the USA later and enrolled at the University of Southern California where he got his Master of Business Administration.

Real Estate

He is the managing partner in the company Hager Pacific Properties which he has been working in for quite a while since he joined his father in running their family real estate as an agent in sales. The company has the following functions that it performs so far:

Buying property

  1. Restoring and renovation of the property
  2. Reposition of family and industrial property

His Philanthropy Work

Together with his wife, they formed the John Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which has been doing the following tasks:

Sponsoring of the students and the professional youth who seek to identify with their Hebrew roots

Kindle the Jewish pride in the Israeli people

Educating them on their home state

He co-founded the Israeli-America Council which has been named the rapidly expanding Jewish organization in the country. He is the Chairman of the group currently.

He formed the Sifriyat Pijama B’America which has been giving out books written in Hebrew to over 70 Jewish-American families that are in the States.

In Conclusion

Adam Milstein is a man with a vision to see the uniting of the two countries that he has been in and he is a man with a dream to make the Israeli community connect to its roots.

Fabletics is finding success online and in their physical stores

Success in the apparel industry can be hard to find these days, especially when Amazon controls up to twenty percent of the market. Traditional stores are losing sales to online retailers. Customers will enter stores to see items in person but then go online to purchase because they find the item cheaper. It can be hard to find success. Fabletics has been able to find success in this competitive apparel industry. Started in just 2013 with the help of Kate Hudson, Fabletics has grown into a multi-million dollar company with their online monthly subscription based system.


In addition to their online business, they have recently started to open physical stores. This may seem contrary to current trends of businesses losing sales to online businesses. However, Fabletics simply uses their stores to showcase their apparel, working together with their online business. When one of their members tries an item on in the store, it also shows up in their online shopping cart as well. The customer then can purchase in the store, or simply buy online at a later time. Their stores help Fabletics get to know the communities they serve and what the styles and trends of the area are. This helps them offer apparel that would interest their members the most. Their stores also help build their monthly, online membership sales. While many who come in their stores are already members, up to half, another quarter of those who are not members, become members while they are in the store. This helps build their loyal, monthly members, keeping their customers around month after month.


One of the main reasons customers come back month after month is the quality of the clothing they get for the price they pay. The quality of Fabletics clothing can easily be compared to that of the expensive brands, but they are priced similarly to the inexpensive brands. Their clothing is always trendy and stylish, so you will want to wear them through your daily life and routines. They are soft and comfortable, you will be recommending them to people you pass on the street. The best part is they hold up to many workouts, they resist fading, and hold their shape and compression, helping you to look fantastic for many outings in your clothing.


A quiz on their website helps determine your lifestyle and exercise habits. This helps narrow down the choices on their website. This saves quite a bit of time searching for that perfect outfit. The quiz will help you find that perfect outfit quickly, which is important in our busy lives. Of course, you can always search the site, if you’d like to browse all that Fabletics offers. Once you sign up for Fabletics and receive your first outfit, you can choose a la carte items at a discounted, member prices. Then, each month, you will receive an email with personally picked outfits for you to choose from. You can choose one of those outfits, or pick one of your own. The outfit will then be shipped to you for your low monthly fee.

Jose Borghi: The Advert Genius

Jose Borghi discovered his talent for the world of advertising after he joined his sister in helping her choose the right path in Cannes. After he had sawed the adverts of Vts, he was hooked, and he wanted more than ever to be able to create such works of art that would not only amaze but also set him apart.He earned his credentials and academic papers from PUC-Campinas. He started by working for the Standard Ogilvy as an editor to make his first buck before moving on to advertising. He proved himself while there, and the talent had flowered.

The Success Story

As Co-CEO and Founder of Mullen Lowe Brasil, he has set himself apart and is now the leader in the advertising industry in Brazil. The list of clients that he serves is enviable, and it all has to do with the resilience that he has shown as a master advertiser.This ad agency has its own unique way of doing the thing that has been set by Jose himself. In Brazilian advertising, he has made breakthroughs, and the awards that he has won prove he is the king of ads.

Unique Setting

He has been known to use staff from the office in the field settings when coming up with these advertisements. They are transported to the location and used in the adverts which make him unique among the advertisers in the business.

The Birth of Mullen Lowe

After partnering with the Lowe Group, it became Mullen Lowe, and this is after a journey of several years up to the ladder. He started off with his partner Erh Ray, and they became BorghiErh, and after having great success with this baby, they attracted the attention of Lowe.And that is how they partnered to become Mullen Lowe Brazil, and they are now partners with Andre Gomes. He has acknowledged that reaching where he is has taken lots of work.


This is the story of a man who had an interest sparked, and now he wallows in the success of his work. He deserves every single reward that he is getting and as an internationally recognized ad agency, Mullen Lowe Brazil is one of the best.